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License Requiremtens


Commercial Pilot License

Get started on your aviation career. The Commercial Pilot License allows you to be hired to fly an aircraft while you work your way up the aviation ranks. Level up your skills with additional ratings and licenses to help you build the career of your dreams!

Prerequisites Include:

  • Must hold a PPL

  • Must have a class 1 medical

  • Be at least 18 years of age at time of graduation

Course Requirements:

  • 80 hours CPL ground school​

  • Commercial written exam minimum 60% or higher to pass

  • 200 hours of flight time including 100 hours as PIC


Open Enrollment

Start when you want and work at your own pace.  Full time and part time options are available.

Commercial Airport

Train on a 6000 foot long runway and mingle with  the local,  regional and national carriers arriving at BFC!

All - Season training

All season flight training!  Prairie weather may be full of extremes by dry conditions means no shortage of VFR days

Job opportunities

With pilots on the in demand occupation list here in Manitoba, be ready to launch your career!

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