commercial pilot licence

Commercial Pilot Licence


  • Allows you to be hired to fly an aircraft



  • Must be 18 years of age

  • Category 1 medical

  • Private Pilot Licence


Course Requirements:

  • 200 hours total time, including 20 hours cross country and 100 hours PIC

  • 35 hours dual on course including:

    • 10 hours dual instruction (5 hours cross country)

    • 20 hours instrument (10 hours on simulator)

    • 5 hours dual night

  • 30 hours solo on course including:

    • 25 hours general practice

    • 5 hours solo night

  • 300 nm cross country

  • 80 hours ground school towards Transport Canada written exam

  • Transport Canada Written Exam

  • Commercial Flight Test


NOTE: All previous hours flown count toward the course requirements.


  • Training is done at the student’s convenience

  • Takes approximately three months full-time or six months part-time

  • Time depends on how much time building has been completed prior to starting course

In house sign off by an Transport Canada Authorized Person means no time consuming trips to Winnipeg before being able to exercise your flying privileges.  Fly for 90 days on a temp license while waiting on your formalized license. 

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