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Discovery Flight

Wondering if becoming a pilot is for you? 


Then our Discovery Flight is what you're looking for.

Your introductory flight lesson begins with meeting one of our skilled flight instructors who will take you through all the pre-flight checks. Next, get yourself strapped in and listen as your pilot gets clearance for takeoff.


Once airborne, the fun begins. After a demonstration of how to maneuver the aircraft, it's time for you to take the controls. You will practice gaining and losing altitude, banks, turns, and staying on a straight course (easier said than done!). As your lesson comes to an end, the instructor will regain control to land.

As a final bonus, should you get the flying bug and decide to pursue your license, this flight will count towards your flying time. You will already be on your way to becoming a pilot!

$125/ 30 mins flight time

Available year-round


Sightseeing Flight

This fantastic scenic flight will provide you and your guests with a bird’s eye view of Brandon. Don’t forget your camera, as you will definitely want to capture the incredible panoramic views.

$125/ 30 mins

$250/ 60 mins

Available year-round

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