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Our Services

  • Pre-Heat

  • Ground Power Unit

  • Tie-Downs and Storage: Overnight and long term on request. We have the facilities to meet your needs

  • Aviation Fuel: 100LL self-serve and Jet A-1 available 24/7

  • Type 1 and 4 De-ice/Anti-ice service

  • Company van rental available upon request

  • Rental Car Services: We will assist you in arranging a rental vehicle for you!

  • Hotel Accommodations: Contact us for details or to reserve a hotel room

  •  Passenger/Pilot Lounge: Equipped with comfy couches, free coffee, microwave, xbox, and free Wi-Fi, (and maybe a furry friend to keep you company)

  • Have another request? Give us a call at 204-728-7691 


On Call Services 
*Charges Apply*

We offer full-time FBO services, 24/7 aircraft refuelling and baggage handling. We will assist you with rental vehicle and hotel arrangements!

On call services are 24/7 

*Charges Apply*

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