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The first step to starting your career as a pilot.

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Everyone wants the freedom to stay out past 'curfew'.

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About our School


Why Choose Brandon Flight Academy?


Brandon’s only full-time flight school offers a continuous open enrollment allowing you to start when you are ready. We offer everything from  Recreational, Private, and Commercial licenses, as well as Night,  VFR, Over the Top, Instrument and Multi Engine Ratings.  After 85 years of operation, we know how to get you flying!


Our training costs less on average than the national average. Additionally, with a small student to instructor ratio and open enrollment, accelerated learning is possible because you set the schedule. We run a complete operation with top quality instructors and fully equipped training aircraft meaning you can get in and done with as few delays as possible.  With the practice area close by and no delays on the ground or in the air you receive the most efficient educational environment possible.  


Statistics prove that southern Manitoba has excellent weather and terrain for conducting VFR flight training. When bad weather comes we maximize your time by working with you on the ground or in our simulator to keep you moving forward. 


For a varied flight experience, Brandon airport has light aircraft, commuter twins, military trainers, commercial jets, and helicopters using the airport daily.  This exposure allows students to maximize their training experience and network with potential employers.


Our vibrant and enthusiastic team are here to see you succeed. We offer a fun, relaxed and  supportive environment where you will make connections that will last for the rest of your life.  Because you are a member of Brandon Flying Club you will have unlimited opportunities to network and help forge the future you want.  Come say hi, grab a cup of coffee and chat airplanes, today!

How to apply


Try It out

Book A Discovery Flight.

During a discovery flight you will get to see if flying is for you. With the safety of an instructor beside you, you will be in control of the flight. 

Step 1


Must be a Canadian Citizen, Landed immigrant , British subject or from a country with an aviation agreement with Canada.

International students will need a student Visa before coming to Canada.

Must be able to demonstrate English aptitude if English is not your native language.

Must be at least 14 years of age to begin training. You must be 16 before recieving a recreational permit, 17 for a PPL and 18 for a CPL.

You must successfully pass a Medical exam by a transport Canada approved Doctor * your family doctor may sign off for a recreational license. 

Step 2

Required Documents

If you were born in Canada you will require your medical certificate as well as government issued form of Photo ID and one of the following:

  • Valid Passport

  • Birth Certificate

  • Baptismal Certificate

If you were born outside of Canada, in addition to your medical certificate you will require any 2 of the following, one of which must prove date of birth:

  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate

  • Canadian Immigration Identification Card

  • Canada Entry Record

  • Canada Admission Record

  • Employment Visa

  • Valid Passport

Step 3

Start Flying

Students may start flying as soon as they are enrolled 

Below is a breakdown of the approximate costs of flight training at the Brandon Flight Centre:

Dual Instruction 

Solo Flight Time


Ground Briefing

Ground School Kit

Ground School

Flight Test Fees

BFC Membership

 $244.00 Per Hour

 $175.00 Per Hour

$100.00 per Hour

$ 69.00 Per Hour

$360.00 One Time

$350.00 Per Rating

$425.00 Per Test*

$135.00 Per Year

*Flight Test fees are paid directly to the examiner and may vary based on the test type and examiner.


Hold Short Flight Scheduling