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  • I want to learn to fly, now what?
    Your first step in learning to fly is a discovery flight. A discovery flight is a chance to get in the air with one of our qualified flight instructors and take control for the first time. This is your chance to fully explore what BFC has to offer before making a commitment. Chat with the team, explore the hangar, and experience the atmosphere of this friendly, supportive training unit. Your next step should be to connect with a medical examiner and make sure that you clear your medical. It is recommended that the medical should be taken before training begins to ensure you meet the medical standards. While you can begin your training before it's finalized, we recommend that you wait until your certificate is returned to you before you get back into the planes since your approved medical must be received before your instructor can let you fly solo. Canadian Aviation Medical Examiners for Brandon: Dr. Plewes Phone: (204) 571-7131 Dr. Nichol Phone: (204) 571 - 7132 Helpful Tip: Please ensure that the name on your medical is exactly the same as on your birth certificate!
  • How long will it take?
    That depends on you! We don't believe one size fits all and we know everyone works at their own rate, depending on time, money and aptitude. Our instructors work with you to make sure that you are able to get the training you need when you need it. Many people attend school or work full-time while getting their license or permit. In general, full time students will complete a private license in 2-3 months, a full commercial license in 6 months to a year.
  • What does membership include?
    BFC is first and foremost a not-for-profit club for aviation enthusiasts to share their joy of aviation, and to share that mission with the community. Your membership fees help us to support our mandate by providing the clubhouse, lounge and classrooms for your use 7 days a week, as well as supporting community events like our Fly-In Breakfasts and other social events throughout the year. These events and the business operations of our club help to offset the costs of flying for you, our members and help us reach out to our community. All students are automatically student members to BFC for the duration of your studies. This provides you with a wonderful opportunity for support and networking. Whether you are looking for a study buddy or a new job, the community is here to help you grow. As a licensed pilot or permit holder and a member of the BFC, you are entitled to rent club aircraft for either local flying or extended trips away from Brandon. You also have access to special discounts at places like Enterprise, Lakeview Inn, The Clarion and more.
  • What is Ground School?
    Depending on the license or rating you may be required to complete a number of hours of formal lectures on subjects such as Navigation, Meteorology, Theory of Flight, or other applicable skills. These lectures are supplemented by the use of online assignments, quizzes and labs to strengthen your skills. Online instruction is also available for students completing the Private Pilot License with the CPL and other ratings to come in the future. Unlike other online courses, we pair our students with their own instructor who can review your progress, and assign modules or supplement lectures as needed.
  • What are the required hours to obtain a license?
    Transport Canada sets the minimum standards for all pilot licensing. You must have a minimum number of hours of ground school (if required) and flight training, as well as demonstrate the required proficiency to receive your license. Students are cautioned that the Transport Canada minimums are just that, minimums. All pilots must be able to safely demonstrate all skills to the examiner to receive their license or endorsement. For the Private Pilot License, the minimum number of flight training hours required is 45, (12 of which are solo hours) and 40 hours of ground school. The Commercial License is 80 hours of ground school, and 200 hours of flight training, with all the PPL hours acquired applying towards the CPL.
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