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BFC Cessna 172 on sunny airport taxiway

Private Pilot License

The gateway to your aviation adventure. Your private pilot license lets you fly friends and family in a Canadian registered aircraft anywhere in the world during daylight VFR conditions. Add on additional ratings for even more flexibility and fun! Completely flexible scheduling means you can complete this in as little as three months or take as long as you need to work around your schedule. 

Prerequisites Include:


Course Requirements:

Minimum 45 hours of flight training including:

  • 33 hours dual and 12 hours solo which includes:

    • 3 hours dual cross country

    • 5 hours solo cross country

    • 5 hours instrument

  • 40 hours ground school towards Transport Canada written exam

  • Transport Canada Written Exam


  • Training is done at the students convenience

  • Takes approximately three months full-time or five months part-time

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