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What does the 2024 Federal International Student Cap mean to you?

Brandon Flight Centre is working with Federal, Provincial and industry regulators to get up to the date information as the details of this program continue to emerge.  Provincial Attestation Letters will be awarded to accepted students shortly directly from Brandon Flight Centre.  Spaces are limited and are expected to be filled within the coming weeks, applications will be closed when the quota has been reached and reopened again in the fall for the 2025 intake.  

***Brandon Flight Centre does not practice Public-Private Partnerships in any of our programs. ****


International Students

Brandon has been welcoming International student pilots since 1941.  Come join a fun, challenging and supportive environment where you have the ability to make your dreams a reality!

International student entrance requirements

Check out the 2024 International Student Guidebook

Brandon Flight Centre is happy to welcome students from across the globe. However, there are special entrance requirements to make sure that you are set up for success.

All international students must:
  • Be at least 18 years of age at time of commencement. 

  • Hold a passport valid at least 1 year (12 months) after their anticipated graduation date

  • Secure a Canadian entry visa if required. 

  • Brandon Flight Centre does not use or require students to apply via a recruiter, self referral is encouraged.

Academic Requirments

All international students must have a secondary school diploma to qualify for entrance. Students must submit an official copy of their transcript along with their application for verification. Students with post secondary education should submit copies of that transcript in addition to their secondary school transcript. 

Course requirements are as follows:

Grade 12 advanced mathematics (calculus and trigonometry)

Grade 12 English (or other language written grammar class)

Grade 12 Physics recommended but not required

Aviation English Language proficiencY

English is the international language of aviation and therefore ALL students, including native English speakers, undergo a language demonstration as part of the licensing process. The formal language demonstration test is completed prior to solo, often within the first 4-6 weeks of training. Entrance requirements for English language proficiency do vary slightly by program so please see the information on the individual program pages for specific entrance requirements.  


If your primary language is not English, you attended a non-English high school, or you use an English-hybrid language (common in Africa, South East Asia, and the Caribbean) you must submit proof of English proficiency with your application by submitting one of the tests listed below. Native English speaking students from select countries (see below) may complete an interview with BFC staff instead of submitting English language tests. This interview does not exempt you from further aviation language proficiency testing. Please note that while an aviation English assessment is acceptable for flight training, it is not acceptable for immigration or career language testing and may not be used in lieu of formal academic language testing for admission to colleges or universities. 

Aviation Medical

All flight students must be able to continuously demonstrate they are fit to undergo the rigors of flight training by submitting an aviation medical. This medical exam is different from the immigration medical and the two cannot be used interchangeably. 


It is preferred for applicants to complete a Category 1 Canadian Aviation Medical if an approved doctor is available in your general area. You can find the list of all Canadian aviation medical examiners (CAMEs) located world wide here:

In the event that a Canadian medical cannot be completed while overseas, a commercial level aviation medical from your home country (preferred) or a category 4 medical attestation may be used for admission purposes only. If this applies to you please plan on arriving in Canada at least 4 weeks before your start date and complete the Canadian Category 1 medical exam upon arrival.  Aviation medicals are processed by Transport Canada directly and Brandon Flight Centre has no control over the speed of their processing or their overall administration.  Students must have this certificate in hand before being able to fly solo and any delays in training as a result shall be at the student's expense. 

NOTE: By submitting a Category 4 Medical attestation for application purposes the applicant declares that they understand it does not require a medical exam and is only able to state that the applicant does not have a history of medical patterns that would typically prevent a medical certificate from being awarded. Applicants understand that it does NOT guarantee they will be successfully awarded a commercial level medical certificate and understand that BFC strongly advises applicants complete a TCCA medical or international equivalent whenever possible. Students who are denied a medical certificate or permanently lose medical clearance over the course of their training must immediately cease all training, and understand that may impact their immigration status.  BFC shall not be liable for any costs or injuries associated with flight training, including immigration and visa expenses, in the event that they are found medically unfit after commencing training.

Proof of Funds

In 2023 the Federal government increased the required proof of funds for international students to keep pace with the overall increased cost of living over the last several years.  Additionally, given the high training costs that come with a career in aviation, while BFC students can pay for their training as they go, it is strongly encouraged that you have at least your first full year's tuition, if not more, available to you before you start. Saving up sufficient funds while continuing to study full time is extremely difficult and can mean training delays and increased costs of training overall. 

The best way to save your proof of funds and keep your investment secure is through a GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate).  These can be purchased at any Canadian bank and can help ensure smooth access to funds when you arrive in Canada.  Please remember that the annual living allowance is required in addition to your tuition and that your personal living expenses may be very different than the set standard.  Always prepare a budget before coming to make sure that you have enough to cover your living expenses while you are here, plus a few extra months just in case. If you need assistance with that please contact the program coordinator.

Banks with International Student GIC programs (Note, most banks offer GICs, these just happen to be marketted towards International students and should not be seen as an endorsement. As always, do your own do dillegence.)

Scotia Bank: Student GIC Program

TD: TD International Student GIC Program

Royal Bank: RBC International Student GIC Program

Areal view of the City of Brandon

Making Brandon Home

The city of Brandon has been consistently voted one of the best places in Canada to live due to its low crime, cheap living expenses, and cosmopolitan population. Home to about 50,000 people, this prairie city shows you that great things really do come in small packages. Come and see why "Brandon brings you back!"

Brandon Flight Centre is also a host employer for the Rural and Northern Immigration Project. Fast track your Permanent Residency with your high demand skill training. For more information click the logo below.

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downtown Brandon city street.

Explore More

Learn more about the City of Brandon, housing, activities and social supports at the link below. Note that this information is provided by third parties and may be subject to change at any time without notice.  

Provided by the department of Economic Development for newcomers from across the province, or across the world. 

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