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Bad weather days

Don't let weather slow you down.

Bad weather days

When faced with adverse weather conditions, don't let them impede your journey to becoming a skilled pilot. In this post, we will explore alternative learning activities available at the Brandon Flight Centre to enhance your aviation knowledge.

- One primary avenue is the use of our Flight Training Device, commonly known as the flight simulator.
At BFC, we boast a highly capable and certified flight simulator, allowing you to log hours for licensing purposes. This state-of-the-art equipment empowers flight instructors to guide you in acquiring new skills, honing existing ones, and simulating various emergencies—some of which may not be safely replicated in actual flight. The simulator enables you to:

1. Learn to fly solely by referencing instruments.
2. Practice a wide range of emergency scenarios.
3. Develop skills in more advanced aircraft.
4. Undertake IFR rating training.
5. Can be flown in any weather.

- An additional option available for your skill development is enrolling in our Ground School. This program equips you with essential knowledge required to successfully complete your written exams. The curriculum focuses on key subjects such as Navigation, Air Law, Meteorology, and Aviation General Knowledge.

We highly recommend joining these classes in person, where you can actively participate by asking questions and receiving answers from our experienced and knowledgeable instructors. This interactive learning environment ensures that you not only grasp the material thoroughly but also benefit from the wealth of expertise our instructors bring to the table. Its not uncommon for BFC to have other licensed pilots join our ground school classes for refreshers. These experienced pilots bring a wealth of information with them and will look at the information presented differently than students learning this for the first time. Pay attention to the questions they ask and learn from your classmates as much as your instructor

- Less conspicuous yet equally valuable is the option of one-on-one tutoring provided by our certified flight instructors. This personalized guidance covers a spectrum of topics, ranging from upcoming flight training and written exams to crucial information pertaining to your future career and the process of obtaining your license. We are confident that our instructors possess the expertise necessary to assist you in achieving your goals. Remember its much cheaper to learn on the ground than in the air so take advantage of the poor weather to review some procedures you were a little rough on, get a bit ahead on a PGI or prepare for an upcoming test.

- Additional suggestions for inclement weather days involve participating in study groups organized for non-flying students. By joining these groups, you have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, learn from more experienced peers, and receive valuable insights and suggestions on guiding your training based on their experiences. This collaborative setting also provides assistance with planning and preparing for upcoming training sessions or tests, ensuring you make the most of your learning journey. BFC is available for a study space anytime you are needing a spot to gather.

- Lastly, another viable option that can be pursued from the comfort of your home is what we refer to as 'chair flying.' In this activity, you simply sit in a chair or simulate an aircraft setting and engage in the practice and recreation of procedures you've previously learned, are about to learn, or wish to review for upcoming flights. This technique, widely embraced by seasoned pilots and beginners alike, proves its effectiveness for good reason. With the advent of home flight simulators, such as the sophisticated software like X-Plane and Flight Simulator 2020, the chair flying experience can be further enhanced and made more realistic. While these software tools are valuable, it's important to note that they do not replace the actual experience and insights that our flight instructors can provide. The hands-on guidance from our instructors complements these technological tools, offering a holistic and enriching learning experience.

These are some of our suggested activities so you can embrace the opportunity to advance your aviation proficiency, even on days when weather conditions pose challenges.

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