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Night Rating

Get ready to stay out late!

Night Flight Training

A night rating consists of a minimum of 20 hours of flight training split between night flying and instrument training. Students may roll over up to 5 hours of their PPL instrument training and can complete half of their instrument time in our simulator. The 10 hours of night flying includes 5 hours of dual time, including a minimum of 2 hours of cross country time. The remaining 5 hours must be solo, and this must include a minimum of 10 take-offs and landings. There is no written or flight test to complete, but all applicants must possess a PPL and hold a valid medical certificate (Category 1 or 3) to be able to fly at night. Training can typically be completed in 1 to 2 weeks. 

Entrance Requirements

Canadian Private Pilot License or higher

Category 3 or higher Canadian Aviation Medical certificate

Course Requirements

Minimum 20 hours flight time, which includes:

  • 5 Hours dual night flight time, including 2 hours cross country

  • 5 Hours  solo night flight time, with a minimum of 10 take-offs and landings

  • 10 Hours dual Instrument flight time (Up to 5 hours on a certified simulator)

Cost Per Hour
Dual Simulator
5 Hours @ $115.00
Dual Instruction
10 Hours @ $288.00
Solo Flight Time
5 Hours @ $210.00
Total Minimum Cost
$4,505.00 + Tax
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