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Recreational Pilot Permit

Recreational Training

A recreational pilot permit has many additional restrictions over a private pilot license but that doesn't mean that it might not be the right choice for you. It's perfect for students too young to hold a full private license but ready to fly without supervision, or for pilots who just want to fly for fun. If you decide to upgrade to a Private License down the road, its an easy upgrade!

Entrance Requirements

  • Must hold a minimum of a category 4 Aviation medical certificate

  • No minimum age to start! Must be 14 years or older to hold a student pilot permit, 16 years old to hold the recreational permit. 

Course Contents

RPPAE or PPEAR written exam 60% overall and

  • 60% in all 4 mandatory areas (air law, navigation, meteorology and aeronautics)

25 hours of flight training including

  • 15 hours minimum dual flight time including

    • 2 hours dual cross country

  • 5 hours solo flight time



Note that like all flight training, recreational permits are subject to a number of factors which may influence both the time and the cost of your training. The prices listed below are for reference only and are subject to change with limited notice. 

Cost Per Hour
Flight Kit
Ground School (Optional but recommended)
Dual Instruction
20 Hours @ $288.00
Solo Flight Time
5 Hours @ $210.00
Written Exam & Flight Test
Student Fees
Total Minimum Cost

Student Pilot Permit

Age: 14

Medical: Category 4

Test: PSTAR (90% to pass)

Allows student pilots to conduct solo flights while under the direct supervision of a flight instructor. No passengers may be carried at any time.

Recreational Pilot Permit

Age: 16

Medical: Category 4

Test: RPPAE/ PPEAR written exams (60% or higher to pass) 

         Recreational Pilot Flight Test

Allows pilots to fly a single engine aircraft with a maximum of 1 passenger anywhere in Canada during daylight VFR conditions only.   


Private Pilot License

Age: 17

Medical: Category 3

Test: PPEAR written exams (60% or higher to pass)

          Private Pilot Flight Test

Allows pilots to fly a Canadian registered single engine, non-high performance aircraft. A PPL license can be validated with additional ratings for more flexibility. 

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